Please sign up for the concert if you haven't already and it is your intention to sing in September.

We only have 4 rehearsals once we return on Sept 4th so please take some time to look at all the music and refresh your memory if you have not sung it recently.

If anyone STILL doesn't have a folder for the concert please contact Nigel librarian.

If you are able to provide accommodation for our visitors please complete the form that is on the members page of website.

Notices that arise during summer break will be on the members page of the website. Any venue changes for rehearsal will be posted here .

Please make use of this portal which Yolanda kindly updates.

The committee hope you all have a restful summer and return ready to give Jubilo a very warm welcome , and to enjoy the beautiful Schubert Mass in G.


Summer Jolly: This has sadly been cancelled this year because of lack of interest.

Concert with Jubilo 27th and 28th September: Ros needs to know whether or not you intend to sing in this concert. If you did not sign up on the sheet atpractice, please let Ros know so we an organise how many chairs we need etc.

There will be 46 people coming from Edinburgh and several of them need hosting. If you are willing to offer to host a member of Jubilo and have not filled in a hosting form, please go to the website, print one off and fill it in and give it to Ros or email it to her. Ros needs these by 13th July please.


The timetable for September 26-29th will take the same format as last weekend, so if you are thinking of activities the timings for the weekend are:


10-11.30 meet and greet coffee

11.30am to 2.45pm activities

2.45pm rehearsal

7pm get ready for concert


10/10.15/10.30am to 4pm activities

4pm rehearsal

6pm concert

Schubert Mass in D: This will be with us next week and we shall make a start on it. It will cost £5, available from Nigel.

Martha: This evening was Martha's last time with us, Rob presented her with a book "Singers Musical Theatre Anthology: Mezzo Soprano v. 3" and we wish her well with her studies at Chichester.

Folders: If you need a folder for the September concert, Nigel will have these next week.

Next week 3rd July: is our last week. We will return on 4th September.

Music: Please bring everything for the September Concerts with you to all rehearsals between now and the end of September. These are: Wedding Book; Elijah; Brahms; Faure; McMillan O Radiant Dawn; Rogers & Hammerstein; Goodnight Sweetheart; Best of British booklet; Suo Gân.

Gwent Chamber Orchestra Concert: This Friday, 28th September, in the Cathedral at 1pm. Lis Lifford's brother in law is conducting and her sister is the leader.


Edinburgh was a real success and everyone was buzzing from the weekend, Rob said he was really proud of us. So a huge thanks to Ros and the committee (mainly the old committee) for the organisation.

Edinburgh flight delay: If you were affected, Ros will have sent you an email with exactly who to phone and exactly what to say to get the maximum compensation. Please follow her advice on what to say.

Next week, 26th June will be in the Chapel. This is Martha's last week, so it would be lovely to see as many of you as possible so we can say farewell to Martha and wish her all the best for University. We will continue to learn new songs from the Wedding Book and start on the Schubert if it has arrived.

Jubilo coming to us: we need ideas please of what we can do to entertain Jubilo during the spare time. If you have any ideas please do let the committee know, however you will be doing the organising of your chosen activity, not the committee.

The timetable for September 26-29th will take the same format as last weekend, so if you are thinking of activities the timings for the weekend are:


10-11.30 meet and greet coffee

11.30am to 1pm activities

1pm lunch

2.45pm rehearsal

7pm get ready for concert


10/10.15/10.30am to 4pm activities

4pm rehearsal

6pm concert

Summer Jolly: This will be on Saturday 7th July in Llangorse Village Hall. Please can you let your voice rep know if you are definitely going, so that we know whether there are sufficient people attending to make it worthwhile.

Xmas Concert: This will be on Saturday 14th December in St Mary's Church, Brecon. The practice on 11th December will also be in St Mary's Church in concert positions to get used to sitting somewhere different/next to someone different/it all sounding different.




This is the final Mailchimp message before our trip and HERE is the itinerary from Jubilo for your information.
I hope all of you who are being hosted have made contact with your host.
Pick up:  You must be at the car park opposite Gwenllian Morgan Court by 1150 latest. This gives us time to tick everyone off, load luggage and the coach WILL leave at 1200 prompt.

We have to leave at this time to allow for hold ups plus we need to check in early as we are a big group. It cannot be done on line. There will be time to have something to eat/drink at airport. I will not be doing a trolley dolly routine on the coach!
Please make sure you have arranged your lift to the pickup, and to collect you Sunday.
Bring:   ID document that matches the names you gave me which are now on your ticket.
£5 in change so as to have correct fare for Airlink bus to the city.
There will be details given of how to get back to the airport Sunday, which bus to get to Saturday concert etc. as the weekend progresses.
Bring:   Badge....Sheila has some spares at rehearsals, just something showing your first name.
Music:  There will be no spares of our pieces. Ladies don't forget 'Lift Thine Eyes' for Saturday night after concert social.
Concert dress:  Ladies - Friday:  all black, long skirt/smart trousers, top with long sleeves (below elbow).
Ladies - Saturday:  single colour blouse, long sleeve, black bottom half.   
Gents - Friday:  black trousers, white shirt, black bow tie.  No jackets.
Gents - Saturday:  single colour shirt, long sleeve, no tie, no jacket, black trousers.
For those of you making your own way to Edinburgh we wish you a safe journey and look forward to seeing you all at the coffee meet and greet.
Please, please let me know if something prevents you from joining us - 07863 176141.  This also applies to anyone else who finds their plans are unavoidably changed.
Thank you for giving of your time and money in committing to this trip. I'm sure it will be a great fun experience for us all and many new friendships will be formed ahead of September.
Finally, thank you Rob for coming up with the idea with you have any friends in warmer climes too?


At our extra rehearsal in the Watton Church we rehearsed items for Edinburgh and the September Brecon Concert when Jubilo will stay with us. Rob has asked us all to do a little homework on the pieces to make sure that we are confident. We have only got 2 more rehearsals before we go to Edinburgh

To that end Rob as also decided that we will sing Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (which is in the Wedding book) in Edinburgh instead of the William Mathias

The practice next week will run as normal for everyone but at 9.10 ish pm, Rob has asked if he could spend half an hour with the people who are going to Edinburgh. People not going to Edinburgh are invited to stay but not sing, to give the people going to Edinburgh the chance to hear how the pieces we are doing on our own sound with reduced numbers

Margaret is offering a rehearsal on Tuesday 2.00 pm  01874 665265

Brecknock Sinfonia are giving a concert on Saturday June 8th, in the Cathedral at 7.30pm- Suppe, Bruch, Borodin and Dvorak


Herewith the programme:

14th JUNE/27th SEPT 2019 CONCERT 1

Jubilo Only (15 mins)
Greater Love (6)
And I saw (5)
The Lord is My Shepherd ( 3.5)
Brecon Only 15 mins
Mendelssohn – Thanks be to God from Elijah. (4:00)
Macmillan – O Radiant dawn (4:00)
Brahms – How lovely from German Req (5.30)
Joint – Zadok with Organ – 5 mins


Faure Requiem – Joint performance (36)
15th JUNE/ 28th SEPT 2019 CONCERT 2

I hour no interval
Jubilo Only 15 mins
Teddy bears Picnic
Sumer is Icumen in
Locus Iste
Chansons des Roses – Lauridsen ( Dirait-on only)
Brecon – 15 mins of light stuff
Suo-Gân (3.00).
Vaughan Williams – Linden Lea (3:20) CPDL download
Chilcott – Irish Blessing (3:40) Weddings for choirs
Mathias – Let the people praise thee (5:10)  Weddings for choirs

Rodgers and Hammerstein Medley SATB Mac Huff  13 mins (there is a good You Tube version by Albany Pro Musica)
Plus another 15 mins TBC.


The last 30 mins of next week's rehearsal will be for those making the trip only. Please can everyone make a special effort to attend so we can hear how we sound. It will be the last chance before some members start their circuitous route to Edinburgh! 

If photocopying the Brahms you must use the Peters edition.

If you are not able to make the next rehearsal (at the Presbyterian Church in the Watton) please let me know.
 For those flying to Edinburgh the coach to Cardiff leaves the car park opposite Gwenllian Morgan Court at 1200 prompt. A full itinery will be forwarded before we go.


Rob thanked everyone for their efforts and said he had enjoyed working with us doing Elijah

Preparations for Edinburgh are in the final stages- Please note the extra rehearsal next week (half term) will be in the Presbyterian Church in the Watton.

The last half hour of which will be for those going to Edinburgh only.

Ros is going to send out a Mail Chimp with all the final details for what we need to do and the concert running order as it is set at the moment

It has been decided that the ladies will sing Lift Thine Eyes as part of the Brecon contribution

If you are staying with people in Edinburgh, please make contact with them to confirm, if you haven't already done so

It's getting exciting now, lots of planned activities for those who want to join in. 


Please remember to bring the following music to the rehearsal on Weds

Mendelsohn- Elijah- (Thanks be to God)
Brahms - German Requiem (How Lovely are thy Dwellings)
Faure - Requiem
Macmillan - O Radiant DawnBest of British booklet - (Zadok the Priest and Linden Lea)Weddings for Choirs book (Mathias and Chilcott)
Rogers and Hammerstein Medley
Suo Gan

If you haven't got The Medley they are for sale- £3.00 and Photo copies of Suo Gan will be available

I think the rehearsal is in the Chapel


One important change to instructions given for Saturday- Please be in the Church for 2.00pm- earlier than given last week

Please can vounteers be at the church for 12.00 noon to help set out the seating the choir/orchestra etc

If anyone has a friend/ relative etc. coming to the performance, who would help steward the door that would be really great. They would have a reserved seat

Ros explained that the seating is not tiered so we will all be on one level. This means sight lines are important so we can see Rob. Obviously people who are taller will be asked to sit nearer the back. This may mean not sitting next to your buddy. Please be patient as we are being seated. 

We will be processing on and off the "stage" and will practice that in the afternoon

The chairs, which we have borrowed from the the Guildhall, will have to be returned on Monday 12 noon. Please could we have help

Edinburgh trip-  For those staying as guests with Jublio choir members- please make email contact with their hosts to acknowledge the arrangement

Next week's rehearsal will be in the Chapel- Bring all the music for Edinburgh. Nigel will have some for sale


Stand at the last 4 bars before the end of the orchestral Overture (p7).

Sit after 3 bars of number 14, p75 second line.

Stand last 2 bars of number 14, p76 as bass soloist sings “turned”. 

Sit at the beginning of part 2, number 21, p108.


Stand promptly page 113, third line, second bar as Sop sings”God”.


Sit at end of number 22, p121.


Stand number 23, 6 bars before the choir basses start, page 123, third line, 4th bar – as soloist sings “Lord”.


Sit at end of number 24, p131, before number 25 starts.


Sops & Altos only stand at the end of number 27, p139.


Tenors & Basses stand as number 29 starts, p141.


Sit at the end of number 29, p147, before number 30 starts.


Stand at the end of number 31, p150, before number 32 starts.


Sit at the end of number 32, p152, before number 33 starts.


Stand at the end of number 3, p172, before number 38 starts.


Sit at the end of number 38, p179, before number 39 starts.


Sit at the end of number 42, p191, before number 43 starts.


One Weds rehearsal to go before Elijah!!

Saturday 18th May -please could a few helpful people volunteer to come to St Mary's at 12.00 - midday, to help set the chairs out ready for the choir. All Choir to be seated by 2.15pm ready to start rehearsal 2.30pm

Back in the church 6.30pm ready to process 6.45pm- Concert kick off is 7.00pm

Please try to sell tickets and /or encourage people to come- they can pay on the door. Tickets are available at Ardent Gallery

We are borrowing chairs for the choir from The Guild Hall and are collecting them on Friday 17th at midday, if anyone is free for an hour or so that would be lovely

We are short of a few people to Steward (selling tickets on door, giving out programmes etc.) If you know of any one willing, please let Ros know on Weds

Advanced notice- Weds 22nd May rehearsal is in the Chapel

Ros has managed to book the Presbyterian Church in The Watton for Weds 29th May. This means that we will NOT have a half term break as we will need the time to get ready for Edinburgh

See you next week


The AGM passed off smoothly with the following people being appointed; Chair- Joanna Culross, Ros Reed Vice Chair and front of house, Beatrice Devereaux, membership Sec, Laura Kostoris, Publicity and Simone Lowthe Thomas has volunteered to look after the production of programmes

If you wish to contact the Chair she can be reached by emailing

There are only 2 rehearsals left before the Elijah Concert. If you haven't let your voice rep know if you are singing yet- please do. We estimate there will be about 70+ of us so seating will be tight

Rob said the implementation of the attendance at 70% of rehearsals was to be left to the individual to decide. If people are confident they know the piece well enough there is no reason why they can't sing

Ros outlined the the timings for the 18th May- Afternoon rehearsal- we should be seated by 2.15 in St Mary's Church

The rehearsal will end no later that 5.00pm- A meal can be booked at the CASA restaurant- through the choir

We will be processing on and off so will need to be back in the church by 6.30pm

SOPS Margaret is offering another practise this Tuesday afternoon -please ring her


Next week is the AGM which will start at 6.00pm in the Chapel and be followed by the usual rehearsal

We were reminded that we all need to sign the attendance register weekly- these are on the counter in the Foyer of the Memorial Hall or, on one of the pews in the chapel. 

A minumum of 70% attendance at rehearsals  before a concert was agreed in the last AGM and this needs to be monitored

Unfortunately Rod Paton has had to defer the Ascension Mass until next year due to ill health

The new code for the Hall is 96357

Concert tickets are now on sale. The suggestion is that we buy the tickets from Ros and sell them on. We are encouraged to recognise that we are our own publicists and should be responsible for bringing our own audiences

Finally and very importantly, please can you all let your voice rep know if you ARE singing in the concert. This infomation is needed for seating etc. If you don't tell the voice rep, it will be asumed that you are NOT singing

SOPs Margaret is offering a rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon- please ring her

See you in the Chapel at the AGM


Good Rehearsal last night- I enjoyed James’ no nonsense approach!

The next rehearsal will be after Easter Weds 24th April in the Chapel

The AGM is on Weds 1st May at the earlier time of 6.00pm. Please attend. If you have any items for the meeting you must email them to Sheila Norman the Sec at least 2 weeks before the meeting

There are still no nominations for the post of Publicity officer

The recent Committee meeting decided to change the title "patrons" to "Friends of Brecon Singers"

Nigel announced the music that would be needed for Edinburgh and asked people to check they have it

The music we need is:


Brahms German Requiem

Faure Requiem

Best of British Booklet

Macmillan Oh Radiant Dawn

Wedding Books

All of us will need to buy a copy of  the  Rogers & Hammerstein Medley and a photo copy of the Welsh song , Suo Gan. These will be  available on 24th April

Ros has emailed that the flight to Edinburgh is scheduled as planned, so not to worry every thing is ok

Nigel has generously offered to play for the Sops at an extra rehearsal at our house next Weds 10th April- 7.30-9.30pm

Address is; Bryngolwg, Boughrood Brest LD3 0BQ
..Take the A470 out of Brecon
..Turn left following signs for Builth Wells
..At  T junction in Llyswen turn left
..At end of village- pub (Bridgend) turn right B4350Over River Wye follow road  for  a mile ..Sign for Boughrood BrestTake Next left, we are the first bungalow on right ..Please park  on verge

My number is 07468432731
Have a good Easter


The Messiah Come and Sing Rehearsal is on Friday 29th March- ring Trina Lodge for details 01874 658878. The performance is on Weds 24th April, which is our first rehearsal back after Easter with only 3 more  rehearsals after that until the Elijah concert. Veronika asked us to take this into consideration

Rob won't be taking the practice next week, James Davies has been asked to stand in. We will be in the Chapel

AGM 1st May. Officers still needed- Fundraising and Programme design. (To work as part of a team with the Committee)

Rob asked  if anyone could help with child care for 1 six yr old boy- son of soloist on day/ evening of Elijah concert. Please let Rob know

Sops- Rehearsal at Margaret's on Tuesday
Sops- Extra rehearsal on Weds 10 th April at Rilla's 7.30pm-  more details next week

See you  on Weds in the Chapel

NOTICES 20 March 2019

Veronika reminded us that the Brecon Singers website has all the notices and other more detailed information updated by Yolande weekly. The pass word to the members page is "Mozart" 

Beacons Benefice are hosting a Come and Sing Messiah (mainly part 3) on 24th April. There are rehearsals for people wanting to attend on Friday 29th march, 12th April and 23rd April. Trina Lodge on 01874 658878 has all the details

Rob wants to begin to runthe choruses together from now on and is intending to start with our first chorus and keep going

Sops- Margaret is hosting a rehearsal on Tuesday at 2.00pm


Veronika thanked the choir for all the fundraising suggestions, she will have them discussed at the next committee meeting. 

We were also reminded that nominations for the officers on the committee were still on going in preparation for the AGM in May 

A reminder for those who are taking part in the  Jazz Mass, there is a practice this Saturday at 10.00 am in the Sobud Hall.

Hay Music have a concert in St Mary' Church, Hay This Sunday- Millie Forest. See Hay Music website for more details

Rob asked us if we were enjoying Elijah,  I'm sure most of us are really getting into it now judging by the buzz of conversation, when we complete a section

Next week we will look at Elijah 1, 2, 5, 9, 16 and 19A.


Welcome back after the half term break, apologies that we were in the Chapel, we were not informed of the change.  Next Chapel dates are 1st May and 22nd May.  (1st May is also the date of our AGM).

Veronika asked if everyone had received the story of Elijah on mailchimp and thanked Yolande for the idea of sending this out to Choir members.

Welcome to three new members, Claire and Sarah (Altos) and Alastair (Bass).

Avril Evans, Alto, has been in Hospital and is now recovering at her brother’s house.  Get well soon Avril. 

If anyone woud like information regarding the Crickhowell Music Festival in May – 3rd to the 6th, please speak to Logan.

There will be a Chamber trio concert in Cwmdu Church on Saturday 9th March comprising of Ruth Watson oboe,  Wendy Quinlan flute and Jeremy Fisher piano. The programme will include Fantasy on William Tell.  Concert starts at 7.30 p.m.

If anyone would like to take a gift for their Edinburgh host, we still have a few Brecon Choir mugs available, a lovely gift at £3.50 each, please see Yolande.  Also, anyone wishing to book their own accommodation in Edinburgh who hasn’t already done so, we have been offered a self catering flat, please speak to Ros if you are interested.

Next week we will be rehearsing numbers 10, 11, 12 and 13, please look at these beforehand if you can, and finally the new code for the entrance door this term is 85415.

Sops – there will be the usual rehearsal at Margaret’s next Tuesday afternoon 12th.


No rehearsal next week as it’s half term, back on 6th March.

Faure workshop on Saturday, doors open at 10.30 for an 11 am start, venue as before, the Watton Church.  Please bring a cake if you can (preferably with no icing), any left over cake will be sold at the end of the day.  Also, please bring your own mug.  Not many basses signed up for the workshop, we know there’s rugby on, but it doesn’t start until 4.45!!  You can still contact Yolande if you want to take part.

No bonus ball winner this week.

Anyone who has any fund raising ideas over the break, please contact Veronika or any other committee member.

The Hereford Gilbert and Sullivan Society are performing The Mikado from 20th – 23rd March at the Courtyard.  Mike Harding has more details if you’re interested.

Sopranos - Margaret will be holding a rehearsal next Tuesday afternoon as usual.


Dear Choir Member
I am sure you agree we are a great choir!  We sing a wonderful variety of music, we have a very talented Musical Director with a good sense of humour, and we have an excellent Assistant Musical Director and accompanist. There is also a buzz and a good atmosphere in our choir, support there when it is needed – and our choir is very well run due to a great committee.
However, and this is the reason why you are suddenly receiving a letter from the chair, four committee member will be standing down at the next annual general meeting (AGM) on 1st May. Now, please read on, and don’t do what I did for more years than I care to remember: whenever new committee members were up for election I suddenly found my toes extremely interesting! I have to admit that I also thought attending choir practice regularly, singing my heart out, helping occasionally at fundraising events and having a glass in the pub afterwards was my idea of being a good choir member. This changed dramatically when I volunteered to become chair! I realised
 a choir does not run on its own! 
It needs a committee to deal with membership, subscription collections, organising concert venues, preparing programs, dealing with enquiries from the public, patrons, finance …….  without these volunteers our choir would fold!
The following committee members will be stepping down and we need volunteers to take on their job (not for life!):
John will step down as membership secretary after 9 (!) years;
Penny will step down as concert fixer but, as Ros decided to take on her role, Ros’s post in publicity will become vacant;
Yolande will give up the many roles she has accumulated over the years, namely fundraiser, creating and organising concert programs, maintaining the data protection register and organising workshops. She has however agreed (not as committee member) to continue looking after the website and Facebook, but would be very pleased if somebody could take on this role.
And of course I (Veronika) will step down as chair after my 2 years tenure. And thank you for asking but no, I do not want to be re-elected. I think new blood is needed with new ideas.
In my view our choir is in very good shape. We have a good structure, an excellent secretary in Sheila who is willing to stay on for another year, likewise Wyn who keeps an eye on our finances and, together with his wife Valerie, takes care of the patron database and all that entails. Nigel is also willing to continue as librarian and finding us excellent deals for our music (as you might have noticed). So please have a think which of these vacant positions you would like to take on and so make your extra contribution to our choir, (besides singing your heart out!). Try to find a role that interests you and you are good at.  For example if you are not good at herding cats (i.e. choir members) but good at computers look for a role where you can use these skills. If everybody would give a year or so of their time to serve on the committee it would not be onerous for anyone!
Please ask any of the committee members, who will be standing down, what their role entails. They are more than willing to answer your questions. I sincerely hope that by the time we will have our AGM on 1st May there will be no need for choir members to explore their toes!
 We are a big and vibrant choir, long may it continue so! 
With very best wishes

NOTICES 13 Feb 2019

Veronika hoped that everyone had received the email she sent out as Chair of the Choir regarding the recruitment of Officers at the forthcoming AGM 

She hoped everyone would give the matter some serious thought. 

There was a Bonus Ball winner 

Rob is going to rehearse numbers 22, 23, 24 and 29 next week  (we'll be thinking of you from India)

Margaret has offered to host  a Sop rehearsal on Tuesday- please ring her to check 

Jean Ruston has been touch with Rod  Payton The Jazz Mass. The Taster Day is on 16th March at the Muse with fortnightly rehearsal from  19th March. A Study Day on Saturday June 22nd 10.30- 4.00pm Subud Hall

Notices 6 Feb 2019

Slightly warmer and more comfortable this week in the Memorial Hall!

Rod Payton who came to speak to us last week regarding the Ascension mass has had to change the date of the Taster Rehearsal  to 16th March at 10.30am - 1.00pm in the Sobud Hall. The Rehearsals will be fortnightly there after (on a Tuesday). Rod's email address is Any enquiries should be made to him direct.

Veronika has asked the Choir to have a think about possible fundraising ideas. The bonus contributes towards the maintenance of the website and Facebook pages, but there are no other fundraising plans for this year. Veronika stressed that unless the choir does raise funds we will be unable  to put on large concerts in the Cathedral. There will be an "ideas" box available for choir members to put suggestions available from next week

Sue Dolphin (alto) has moved away- The choir wishes her well

There is a performance of  Tosca in Theatre Brycheiniog on Sat 9th March

Sops Margaret will host a rehearsal this Tuesday. Please ring 

Norices 30 January 2019

I really enjoyed the rehearsal last night- Fiery Chariots and horses - What's not to like.

At the beginning of the rehearsal, Rod Payton asked members of the choir if they would like to take part in a "Jazz Mass" which will be performed the night before teh Jazz Festival begins Thurs 8th Aug in the Cathedral. Rod is amassing people from all over the place to sing a Mass which is in Latin. There will be a taster Rehearsal Feb 16th (Saturday) at 10.30. Venue TBC. There will be rehearsals leading up to the performance

Anyone wanting further information should email Rod -

Nigel has Faure copies for sale Five pounds ( Sorry I haven't found the symbol for pound yet lol)

The Committee are looking at a way to get more winners for the Bonus Ball as this was yet another roll  over week

Hope you don't get too badly snowed in

Notices 23 January 2019

Rob is continuing to introduce Elijah to us in small bite sized chunks, which means by the end of next weeks' rehearsal, we will have had a go at bits from the whole peice (very exciting music!!) it will make learning the detail easier because we have seen everything once

Veronika announced that the choir Brecon Singers is now insured by "Making Music" which covers us for performances etc. Any member wishing to see the policy is welcome to ask

Reminder that Tuesday 29th Jan at 2.30pm in Brecon Castle Hotel, the Celebration of Steve Palmer's life will take place. Please wear cheerful clothing

There is a concert this Saturday 26th Jan in the Cathedral by Brecknock Sinfonia - see Cathedral website for more details

Alan has kindly agreed to take next week's rehearsal and will cover the two sections we have yet to do. (Rob is singing in the Wigmore Hall in London)

We will be rehearsing number 24 - Woe to him (p 127) and number 38 - Then did Elijah (p 173).  Beatrice (alto) has generously bought the choral parts for Elijah from the website "Chord Perfect" , this purchase allows up to 50 other people to access the parts and down load them to either, a computer or, MP3 player free of charge. Beatrice has the purchase code and instructions for anyone wishing to access this resource 

Once again we will be in the Chapel to rehearse so bring cushions, thick jumpers etc

Message from Penny

Hi all,

Could you send a reminder to everyone to park in The other car park - I think they call it the Mickey Mouse or something - anyway it is the one through the first gate as you come over the bridge.

Notices 16th Jan 2019 
Next week’s rehearsal is in the Chapel, so please dress warmly.  Also Robert will be asking Sops and Altos  to stay on to rehearse no 28 Lift up Thine Eyes.  The men will finish earlier.
Very sadly Veronika announced that Steve Palmer had passed away last week after a long illness.  There will be a celebration of his life on Tuesday 29th Jan at the Castle Hotel at 2.30pm.  Our thoughts are with Sally at this time.
See you next week.

..... and a message from Ros:

If anyone missed out and would now like to go to Edinburgh I have ONE space on the group flight. 
Please call Ros on 01550 721676  ASAP

Choir Noice 14 Jan 2019

From Rob re Cuts to Elijah

Rob has sent the information below so that we can amend our copies. We are not going to sing the following:


 Numbers 6, 7, 7a, 8.

Vocal score omit pages 32 to 47 inclusive.

Number 11 from p 61 T & B entry bar 2 to p 62 start T & B first bar.

From end of p 62 to p 64 bar 5.

Numbers 17, 18 & 19.

Vocal score pages 85 to 91 inclusive.

Number 33 from end of 4th line (p 153), 

Numbers 34, 35.

Number 36 starts beginning of p 170.


Number 40 and 41

Vocal score end 1stline p 182 to p 188 start of number 42..

Choir Notices 9 Jan 2019

We had a very good first rehearsal of the year getting stuck in to Elijah (I'm going to enjoy this!)

Ros asked people to make a firm commitment as to whether they wanted to book the flight to Edinburgh. The deposit will be needed next week

Once the fights are booked we will start looking at all the other details (accommodation etc). If you haven't been able to attend the rehearsal and want to fly in the group ,please contact Ros asap

Nigel asked if anyone wanted to buy a copy of the Faure Requiem which we will sing in June in Edinburgh and in Sept when we have the return visit

There is a Faure workshop on Saturday 23rd Feb, Yolande is already taking bookings- cost 15 pounds ( sorry new tablet and I can't find the sign for pounds)

The new code to get into the Memorial Hall is 75698

Sops- Margaret is offering to hold a rehearsal at her house - Tuesday 2.00pm


In the Bleak Midwinter, page 1

In the Bleak Midwinter, page 2

Proposed Christmas Programme


Most notices relating to the Carol concert on Weds 12th in Llanfaes Church ( St David's). We are to be there for 4.30pm ready to rehearse 4.45pm. There won't be time to go home to change so we have been advised to either come dressed or, Jon Matson in the Tenors who lives in Orchard Street, has kindly offered the use of his facilities. Also bring something for you to eat/ snack to tide you over until refreshments in the concert

Please bring a plate of food labelled with you name for the concert

If you have a picnic table please could you bring it.

Dress code Black and Bling!! -Men Dinner jacket and colourful bowties and or bling.

At our next rehearsal Jan 7th 2019 we will begin to rehearse Elijah- if you need a copy they will for sale at £7.50. 

Please bring your carol books back to the first rehearsal as well.

Ros will be asking people for a firm committment regarding the transport for the trip to Edinburgh at the first rehearsal as the intention is to make a group booking to fly from Cardiff to Edinburgh return. You will be asked to make a decision and pay a deposit in the first couple of weeks of the new term. By doing this it is hoped to keep the price under £100.00 per person.

Sorry - another money item. Please remember to bring a cheque for your subs which are due when we start back in January


Mostly about the arrangements for the forthcoming Carol Concert 12th Dec at St David's Church Llanfaes

Times - Be there for 4.30pm ready to help set up and rehearse 4.45pm . The Concert starts at 6.30pm, there probably won't be time for people to go home and change, so please come with clothes and food/drink needed to keep going. Black and Bling

Ros has a list of food being brought (savoury/ sweet) and people are asked to make sure that it is plated and the plate is labelled with your name

Veronika has asked if people have portable picnic tables or trestle tables, please could they bring them so we can put the food out and drinks, raffle etc. The Church can't lend theirs on this occasion

Please bring items for the raffle on the evening NOT before- Thank you

Rehearsal next week is in the Chapel again so dress warmly


Please see attached the running order for the Carol Concert, Weds 12th Dec in St David's Church, Llanfaes. The other 2 docs are page 1 and page 2 of In The Bleak Midwinter. Please print a copy (more if possible, to distribute to members of the choir who haven't got a printer.)

There will be readings interspersed throughout, so if anyone would like to do a reading please let Rob and Veronika know. (Rob has got some readings and Veronika is willing to consider requests)

Veronika asked if people who have picnic style folding tables or bigger trestle tables could bring them for use at the Carol Concert as we are unable to use the tables in Llanfaes 

We will need to bring a plate of "finger food" on the evening- Ros will have a list next week so she can check the balance of sweet and savoury

We will be selling raffle tickets on the night so please could members think of suitable raffle prizes to bring on the day

Ros has posters available for circulation (available at next rehearsal)

Dress code for the evening is black as usual but with BLING!!!!

There will be a rehearsal before the performance starting about 4.30pm with the concert starting at 6.30pm

Lastly, the Choir Rehearsal next week is in the Chapel so come prepared!!


Veronika read out the email that Rob sent her after the concert, thanking the Committee for their hard work and asking her to pass on his thanks to the choir

The concert was well recieved with a number of very positive comments from the audience

Lesley Lillywhite was thanked for her work on producing the progamme 

Saturday Nov 17th, Brecon with Bells On. Veronika asked those people able to sing to be in Bethel Square for 3.45pm ready to start at 4.00pm. Dress code- agreed to dress warmly

Nigel has booklets containing the carols that we are going to sing- they are £2.50 each. Please note that some of the parts (ATB) are different!. Not what we usually sing, so be aware

The annual Carol Concert is on Weds 12th Dec in St David's Church Llanfaes, Veronika will give us more details next week, but gave advance notice that she will ask us to bring raffle prizes for a draw on the night as well as the usual plates of food. Veronika also asked if anyone would like to host a stall selling- craft, preserves, etc. Please let Vernoika know if you would like to do this


Most of the notices were related to the concert and arrangements for the day

We can park in the Priory school carpark

Choir to arrive quietly for 2.15. as the Orchestra will be rehearsing their suite. We will be directed to the seats for our respective sections and begin rehearsing at 2.30pm (Bach first). At 3.30 there will be a break

3.50pm we need to be back in our seats for the Cantata rehearsal with soloists until 4.15pm. We will then be free to go

We all need to assemble in the South Transcept for 6.30pm ready to process to our seats so make sure you know who you are sitting next to ready to line up

Please make sure you have a Poppy on your left lapel

We are NOT using folders as we all have the same coloured copies

Next Rehearsal there will be booklets with Carols for sale at £2.50- these are to be used on Nov 17th Brecon with Bells On and possibly for the Carols and Canapes. We have enough for the whole choir so don't worry if you are not able to come to rehearsal next week

Each half term Christ College change the code for access to the Memorial Hall. The new code is 52369. You will need this if you are first or last to rehearsals to get into the building

See you on Saturday




Concert preparation notices were given out for Saturday Nov 10th in the Cathedral

The choir is asked to be in the Cathedral by 2.15pm waiting quietly as the Orchestra rehearse their Suite. At 2.30pm Ros and Penny will allocate the sections (SATB)their seats and we will begin the Maginificat Rehearsal with the Orchestra for 1 hour

At 3.30pm there will be a break and the Come and Sing guests can make their own arrangements until it is time for them to assemble for the concert.

At 3.50pm The Brecon Singers will re assemble to rehearse the Canata with soloists and orchestra - we will finish approx 4.15 when the solosits will rehearse their parts.

The pre concert meal will be at 5.00pm in Pilgrims. If you would like to have a pre ordered meal, please give your choices to your voice rep (you should have received a menu in a previous email)

Various people have asked about dress for the concert. Please look at our website for details but basically Ladies- all long sleeved, full length black, Gents Dinner suits - black tie

As it is the Rememberance Weekend we will probably wear a poppy. This will be confirmed at the next Rehearsal

Other notices

Mid Wales Opera are going to perform Tosca in March (9th?) and have asked if about 25 singers would like to form the Chorus. Any one interested must email to register interest

17th November is the Brecon switching on of the Christmas lights, Brecon Singers have been asked to sing a few songs- Our slot will be about 4.00pm -We did it last year

South Powys Youth Orchestra has been given notice that Powys CC is withdrawing its funding as of March 19. Veronika asked choir members to cotnact their MP and or AM to register protest. Also as members of "Making Music" (this is the organisation that provides the insurance cover for our concerts) we can sign a petition drawn up by their Education Dept. A form which people can complete will be circulated via Voice Reps

Have a good half term 

The next rehearsal is only a few days before the Concert on Weds 7th Nov


Despite the awful weather there was a good turn out of people for the Bach Workshop on Saturday 13th Oct. Veronika thanked Rob and Alan for their hard work and Yolande was thanked in her absence for her hard work in organising the event. Ros and Lis were thanked for their excellent contribution of cakes which were sold out completely by the end of the day, earning extra funds for the choir

Our next rehearsal- 24th Ocotber will be in the Presbyterian Church on the Watton starting usual time 7.30pm. There will be a Committee meeting before hand starting at 6.30pm

Ros asked everyone to bring their own mug if they intended to have a hot drink in the break- it saves on washing up!

Posters for the Concert 10th Nov were given out to be put up in prominent places around Brecon and outlying villages. Tickets are available in the Ardent Gallery and the Cathedral shop

A menu for Pilgrims restaurant is to be circulated so any Choir member wishing to have a meal before the concert can choose and pre order. Voice Reps to collate orders which Penny Ashby will take to Pilgrims

There has been a roll over for 2 weeks in the Bonus ball fund raiser

Avril Evans asked people to donate old pairs of spectacles which are being recycled for a Charity working in Africa (I think?) Avril will be happy to recieve them at the next Rehearsal.

Lastly Margaret Hamnett has kindly offered to host a joint Sop rehearsal at her house next Tuesday (23rd Oct) at 2.00pm - if you would like to go, please phone Margaret on 01874 665265 and she will give you the details


A Russian Choir- St Petersburg Choir? are singing in Hay- St Mary's Church this Sunday 7th October at 3.00pm 

The Raffle draw took place in the Rehearsal- The total amount raised was £540.00 pounds- Thanks to Yolande and the other people who helped sell tickets. All the winners have been notified 

Next week Rob is going to start with p 17- Fecit potentiam and more work on p 30 - the Gloria (note to self- more homework needed there!)

The Bach Magnificat Workshop is on the following Saturday 13th October, from 11.00am until 4.00pm in the Presbyterian Church on the Watton- Tea and coffee will be available during the day


Veronika gave us an updated list of when rehearsals would be in the Chapel (ie not in the Memorial Hall) as follows: Weds 17th October, 14th November, 5th December. You are advised to wear warmer clothes and  some might like to bring a cushion to sit on

On the back of the Yellow booklet there is a list of dates when we rehearse and concert performances- 3rd October suggest that we should be in the Chapel but this is not confirmed- we are expecting to be in the Hall

Yolande is organising raffle ticket sales 21st Sept in the Market Hall in Brecon between 10am and 12.00pm and in Morrisons on 28th Sept again between 10.00am and 12.00pm. If any one feels that they have time to sell tickets, please contact Yolande. There are tickets available before rehearsals for people to take and sell to friends, neighbours etc


Firstly apologies  to those of you who didn't get an email last week from Rilla, her tablet has its own way of doing things apparently!  Any events coming up that lack detail in her email, will also be on our website - google Brecon Singers and go to the members page (password Mozart). 

Veronika asked members to make sure that they have a new booklet- yellow called "membership card" as this has all the dates of our terms and concerts on the back page as well as all the committee members contact details. There are pages for you to make notes of other notices as well.

Bach Magnificat Work shop is 13th October in the Presbyterian Church on the Watton. Cost £15.00. start 11.00am, finish 4.00pm, Tea and coffe provided- bring own lunch Yolande is taking registrations at our weekly practice

Online resources to help learn the Magnificat are available "Chord Perfect" was one that was reccommended - our website members' page has more links to other choral coaching websites

Yolande is organising various fundraising activities- Raffle tickets are available to buy and for us to sell. The Bonus ball is being run weekly with the payout based on the bonus ball drawn on Saturday's Big Lotto

Edinburgh trip 13th June 2019- Ros is taking names of people wishing to go and whether they would like to travel with the group- this will be flying from Cardiff to Edinburgh

There is an afternoon concert in Llansantffraid Church 16th Sept at 3.00pm. Details from Lis Lifford

Judy from St David's Church, Llanfaes has told us that after our last concert a cardigan and a suit cover were left behind and are available to collect

Christ College Concert, Zimbe is on 23rd Nov. Rehearsals have started on a Monday night 6.30pm- 8.00pm in the Memorial Hall- Jonathan Ling is looking for adult voices 

There is a sing and play  workshop of "Tudor Music" on Saturday 6th October 10am- 4.30pm tutored by David Hatcher at Maescar Community Hall, Sennybridge. Flyers with an application form are available or ring Drew Morton on 07894 901755

Margaret has offered 2nd Sops a rehearsal at her house on Tuesday 2.00pm email  or phone 01874 665265



CHOIR NOTICE 05 Sept 2018

Important notice for all- A security code has been fitted to the outside door of the Memorial Hall at Christ College. To gain entry please key the following number into one of the little key pad on eitherside of the main doors


New booklets for taking notes have been issued

Dates for the year are as follows

13th October- Saturday is the Bach Magnificat workshop in the Presbyterian Church on the Watton. Start 11.00am finish 4.00pm Cost £15.00

Tea & coffee will be available- please bring own lunch

10th November- Saturday-  Concert (Bach Magnificat and Kantata) in the Cathedral

19th May - Saturday- Concert Elijah. Brecons Singers will now perform this on our own- Venue to be confirmed

Matters arising from AGM- Clarification was given regarding the payment of subscription by unemployed people and people in full time education- they will pay half the annual subscription

Forthcoming Edinburgh Trip-  Thurs 13th June to Sun 16th June 2019

A sub committee is to be formed to help Ros Reed organise the trip on the Choir's behalf

People wishing to go on the trip have been asked to sign a form which Ros is circulating - please tick if you want to take the coach and also if your other half would like to come

Jubilo, the Choir fom Edinburgh will come to Brecon Thurs 26th- Sun 29th Sept 2019

Christ College are producing a concert of music by Alexander L'Estrange Zimbe- a concert of African songs ON 23 Nov at the Cathedral.  The Choir has been invited to join in -. The rehearsals start on Monday 10th September 6.30-8.00pm in the Chapel. Please email or phone 01874 615440 for more information.


We have now been notified that the funeral is on Saturday 1st September 2018 at 10.45 at Hereford Crematorium and afterwards at Arboyne House, Eardisly (next to the Tram pub).

We are very sorry to have received the news that after a long period of illness, John MacArthur, our former Brecon Singers Treasurer has passed away.  Details of funeral to be announced later by the family. 



The choir ‘Jolly’ is on the 7th July at 1.30 in Llangors Village Hall.  If you have signed up to come will you please let Ros know whether you are bringing sweet or savoury in the way of food.  (Ros: 01550 721676;  Also Rob has asked that we bring some paper and pen as he is designing a quiz, just for fun.

On the 10th November we are presenting Bach’s Magnificat in D in the Cathedral, and it will be a ‘come and sing’ again.  There will be a workshop on Saturday 13th October so our visitors will have a chance to work on it with us.  Venue to be advised.

Rob has said that it would be lovely if we can go ‘on tour’ and he has been in touch with a larger choir in Edinburgh with whom we can swop venues.  The first one will be in Edinburgh mid-June 2019, probably 13-16th.  We will perform two concerts so for the second one they will come to us and be put up with members of our choir.  Probably in September 2019.

Our last rehearsal for this term will be in CC Theatre.  Rob will give the voice parts time to go to another room to go through their party piece for the Jolly.

In September Rilla Morries will take over the position of Soprano Voice Rep from Margaret Hamnett, and as it has become tradition that the Sop Voice Rep writes up the notices each week, you will be receiving notices typed up by her and forwarded to your voice rep to distribute.  The voice rep position has been very successful, long may it continue.  Margaret  will take notices in Rilla's absence. 


NO NOTICES TODAY.  If you have not done so please let your voice rep know if you will be attending the Summer Jolly on 7 July at Llangorse Hall. 


We were reminded tonight to make sure that we have contacted the Brecon Singers Website to register your request to still receive information regarding our choir.  If we don’t hear from you, we will have to, by law, remove your details from the database.  There are just a handful of people who have still not signed up.  Thank you.

Now something to look forward to.  The Annual Choir ‘Jolly’ is being held in Llangorse Village Hall on July 7th, commencing at 13.30.  It has been asked that you notify me whether, or not, you are going to attend.  Also, as usual, we are being asked to bring food for our joint enjoyment.

As you know, Rob has requested that each voice part prepare a party piece.  Please sopranos will you let us know which suggestion you would prefer, as the previous email from Yolande, or if you have a further suggestion let us know.  We will have a quick practice of what we’ve jointly chosen on the 4th July if possible.  We will also run through at soprano practices.  Whatever you chose must been soon so that words can be copied and given to you who are taking part and practiced in your own time too with YouTube.


Veronika reminded everyone that next week's rehearsal will be in the Chapel.

Please could all members look at the Data Protection form on our website and complete it, if you haven't already done so.  If you cannot find it or don't have access to our website, please would you speak to Yolande.  Her number is 07739 260605.

Summer Jolly, Saturday 7th July.  Robert would like each section to prepare something to entertain us, could be a play, song or anything we wish to do, get your thinking caps on!! 

Robert mentioned that Voces8 have a concert in the Cathedral on 19th October, they are superb singers and well worth going to see.


No notices tonight.  Please remember that there is no rehearsal next week. Next rehearsal is Wednesday 6 June.   See you then.  


Rob started the rehearsal by complimenting us on the concert on Saturday.  He said the second half was slightly better (possibly the wine helped!) and the word was “fantastic”.  Veronika also said that she had several compliments from our audience.  Also she thanked the helpers and doers from the choir who made it all run smoothly.

From Nigel, Librarian, please will you bring back the ‘Wedding Book’ next week.  We will be rehearsing items from it for the next concert together with Bach’s Magnificat in E Flat, Scores £5.00:

Page 44                Geistliches Lied

Page 177              Panis Angelicus

Page 150              My Lovely One

The AGM next week will be in the Chapel and will start promptly at 7.00pm.  Any apologies direct to Sheila Norman please.

Jane Neville was warmly welcomed back to the choir.  The Bonus Ball was won by Marie Jean in the sopranos.


Please click here to view the programme.


Please read the schedule for Saturday, in last week’s notices.  Also the  plates of refreshment for the audience please.

The Three Horseshoes in Llanfaes will be preparing sandwiches for those who are not going home between rehearsal and concert.

Please hand in the folder and Wedding Book at the end of the Concert.

Next week we will start rehearsals for Bach’s Magnificat to be sung in November.  The scores will be on sale next week for £5.00.  We will be accompanied by a full orchestra.

The Bonus Ball triple rollover was won by John Sanderson.

Please print out the order for Saturday as there may not be enough programmes for the choir as well as the audience.  Our items will be interspersed with solo items and will be notified on Saturday.


1.  Zadok the Priest

2.  Ave Verum Corpus

2.  Funeral Sentences

4.  Beati  Quorum Via - Wedding Book       

5.  I was Glad


1.  Linden Lea

2.  O Radiant Dawn

3.  The Lamb

4.  The Lord Bless you and Keep you      Wedding Book

5.  Irish Blessing                                           

6.  Let The People Praise Thee                   

Enjoy the evening and we will do Robert proud.



I am sorry gentlemen,  I got it wrong,  please will you wear BLACK bowties, not red.

Also Veronika has sent me the schedule for next Saturday:

Rehearsal: 2-4.30 ish pm

Photo call @ 6.30pm

Concert starts @ 7pm.

Parking at Llanfaes school car park, village hall will be open for us.

Choir Notices 2 May 2018

The Committee have requested volunteers to help on the day of the concert and, most importantly, everyone could you please bring a plate of finger food to offer to our audience during the interval, as usual.  Ros, in the sopranos, is making a list of what is being supplied so we get a balance of sweet and savoury, so please speak to her when you know your intention of food.  Thank you.

We will be wearing standard uniform, i.e. all black – ankle length skirt or trousers and long sleeved top for the ladies, with minimum jewellery; and the usual  DJs or dark suit for the men with white shirt and red bow tie.

Please let your Voice Rep know as soon as possible if you intend to sing in this concert, so that the seating may be correct.  Failing that please come and boost the audience.

We are pleased to welcome a new alto tonight - Beatrice.

In the theatre next week.  Then in the Chapel (16th).

Please note in your diaries that the AGM is on the 23 May at 7.00 (before the rehearsal).  The committee would like some new members please, so please see Veronika if you feel you can help in this way and add value to this happy choir.  If you have paid your subscription and are not singing at the moment, please come to the AGM to hear what is going on and the plans for the season, and have your say.  It is Your choir.

Choir Notices 25 April 2018

We have now been advised of the dates we are having to use the Chapel for our rehearsals, as follows:

23 May

13 June 

20 June

27 June               

Please make a note for parking purposes.  Thank you. 

We are in the Theatre next week.

Ellie is now selling tickets for our Concert on the 12 May.  They are £12 and £6 for under 18 years.

PLEASE WILL YOU LET YOUR VOICE REP KNOW IF YOU ARE SINGING IN THE CONCERT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Several people have had to drop out so we do need accurate numbers so the correct number of chairs are put out.  Many thanks.    If those of you who are not attending this term would like to confirm that the are not singing for this concert, the committee have requested that you let the voice rep know.  Many thanks again.

The performance by The Sixteen in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday has now been downloaded on to Brecon Singers Facebook site, video as well.  Also there was a centre fold in the Times.  It is a very great honour to have been invited.  Please watch it.

The Bonus Ball was won by Sheila Norman, our Secretary.

Choir Notices 18 April 2018

Please note that the rehearsal will be in the Chapel next week, which means they would like us to park from the first entrance, as usual.

Ellie is now selling tickets for our Concert.

For your diaries:

There will be a live relay of a concert ‘The Sixteen’ is performing in the Sistine Chapel, The Vatican, Rome (including our esteemed director, Robert);  together with the Britten Symphonia; on Sunday 22nd April at 17.00 on Classic FM.

The Hay Chamber Music Festival is from 27 – 29 April.  There are flyers about.

Soprano rehearsal on Tuesday 24 April at 2pm at Margaret's house. 

Choir Notices 11 April 2018

For all of you who are practicing at home or in group practices, we will not now be presenting Oh Thou the Central Orb.

There are still places for the visit to Cardiff if you know of anyone who would like to come, also please would anyone who has not paid Yolande for the trip, would they do so soon.  Thank you.

Next week we are back to Christ College as usual.

Following our Concert on the 12th May, on the 13 May there will be concert in the cathedral to recognise the significant birthdays of Rachel and Richard Podger.  There are posters about with details.

The bonus ball was won by Nigel Clubb tonight.