Rehearsals have started!!

Brecon Singers are back!!! So amazing to see so many new singers....thanks to all who joined us last night. The rehearsals for Elijah have well and truly started and what a wonderful piece of music it is. The buzz at break time was incredible! Bonus Balls, membership registration, music sales, Faure workshop registration, Ediinburgh Choir Trip registration....and the usual buzz of our happy chatty choir!

Thanks to all who have singed up already for the workshop! If you have not signed up for the Faure workshop and would like to, please see our registration form here.

If you would like to be a part of the happy Brecon Singers choir, come along and join us on wednesday at 730 at Chirst College Neauadd Goffa Memorial Hall…….read more about on the website…..we would love to see you.